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> Today's Macworld "Think Retro" column honors the Cube
Posted by CubeOwner - 03-16-16 12:13 - 4 comments
I don't update this homepage often, but when I see someone else giving our beloved Cube the retro-respect it deserves, I can't help myself smile.gif

Macworld says: Behold the G4 Cube, Apple's most epic computer ever.

Long live the Cube!
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> Everything old is new again
Posted by CubeOwner - 06-11-13 18:34 - 69 comments
The last we heard of the Power Mac G4 Cube—a computer everyone loved, but no one could quite figure out—was in a press release from 2001. Twelve years later, we've finally met its beautiful, brilliant, and not altogether sane successor...

discuss smile.gif

Gizmodo: The Brilliant Insanity Behind the New Mac Pro's Design

Attached Image
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> HOW TO - Cube Icon on Finder sidebar
Posted by Andropov - 11-28-12 14:09 - 0 comments
I changed some System images to make the G4 Cube looking like a G4 Cube (and not a Mac Pro) under Mountain Lion Finder sidebar (it may also work under Lion and maybe Snow Leopard and Leopard) and I want to share it with you. If you like how does it look like, follow these steps:

From that:

To That:

Download these file:
Or make your own sidebar icon for your cube, and then convert it to ICNS.

WARNING: All Mac Pro's and PowerMacs in the network will show this icon, so if you modify this icon all Mac Pro's and PowerMac's in your network will show in the sidebar as Cubes.

Then, go to:

Right click over "CoreTypes.bundle"


Rename "SidebarMacPro" as "SidebarMacProBackup" to get a backup of the original icon.

Drop the icon that you have downloaded at first in same folder (Contents>Resources) as the previous one. If you've make your own icon, rename it as "SidebarMacPro". (Again, if you've make your own icon, make sure it has the extension .icns or it won't work)

It should look like that now:

Reboot (or go to Terminal and write "killall Finder" and press Enter).


NOTE: You can also change the full icon of the Cube in the network, that its a Graphite PowerMac G4 by default. Just do the same as before, but changing the icon named as "com.apple.powermac-g4-graphite.icns" with a new one. Just make sure you convert the icon from PNG to ICNS to be used by Finder using iConverticons webpage. Now, in the directory "Network" it'll show as a Cube and not as a PowerMac G4 Graphite.

Hope it serves to someone else smile.gif
Attached Image
Attached Image
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> Something to watch.
Posted by Didge - 01-14-12 11:24 - 31 comments
Thoughts? Obviously none of you guys must think the Cube is a failure.

A discussion on whether the Power Mac G4 Cube was a failure for Apple and what constitutes a tech failure in general.

Watch this Youtube Video here
Read 52,269 times - last comment by Troy   

> Thank you, Steve
Posted by CubeOwner - 10-5-11 21:10 - 3 comments
“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.” [Steve Jobs, The Wall Street Journal, May 25, 1993]

Attached Image

photo credit: Robert Scoble, Oct 5, 2011
Read 12,900 times - last comment by g4cubed   

> So long Steve, you will be missed...
Posted by parism - 10-5-11 20:41 - 10 comments
So long Steve, you revolutionized the way we use technology today and you gave us the wonderful computer named Macintosh and the Cube. You will be missed...


Attached File  Apple_front_website__Oct_5_2011.pdf ( 267.25k ) Number of downloads: 3572
Read 13,339 times - last comment by CubeIt   

> The Cube, Ten Years and Counting...
Posted by CubeOwner - 07-1-11 19:12 - 3 comments
10 years already? My how time flies.

...the Cube came right near the end of the Think Different campaign, and in some ways, even before the iAge changed the form of computing completely, the Cube was the last word on what Apple Computers was trying to accomplish with the PC itself.


Ten years ago on Sunday, Apple called it quits on one of its oddest products ever, the G4 Cube. The Cube was a strange and wonderful machine that continues to fascinate today - but it was widely perceived to have failed. Some people thoroughly enjoyed the failure, thinking it served Apple right... Dull people will always cheer a bold experiment that goes wrong...


And go check out what Marcelo has done to celebrate the Cube's 10th Anniversary!
Read 16,794 times - last comment by Cube Over   

> Is it April 1 already?
Posted by CubeOwner - 04-1-11 10:42 - 2 comments
From the April 1, 2011 homepage of http://www.macminivault.com/

Announcing Cube Colo

Posted on Apr 1, 2011 in Blog, featured | 0 comments

We’ve taken our extreme fondness for highly organized and high density hosting solutions to the next level. Mac Mini Vault now offers colocation services for G4 Cubes. This service marks the first of our ‘vintage hosting’ services. In the near future we plan to build specialized cabinets to colo other vintage computers as well. This service is a great way to enjoy your G4 Cube and access it anywhere there is an internet connection. We could not think of any better way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first ‘miniature’ Mac! We are able to offer this service at an attractive price by maximizing cabinet space. Our patent-pending ‘cube tray’ chassis allows us to colo 6 G4 Cubes in a 4U space. Special cooling ducts and vents in the cube tray allow for proper air circulation.
Attached Image
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> Holiday Cheer from YourMacStore
Posted by CubeOwner - 12-13-07 17:42 - 6 comments
Seasons Greetings, Cubefans! We here at YourMacStore.com wanted to make
sure that you all get a chance to take advantage of our special Holiday
Sale, that's running from now through December 21. For every order of $100
or more, all you have to do is enter in the Coupon Code "HOLIDAY" and you'll
receive $10 off your order!

For those of you inside the US, that'll make a nice dent in your shipping
costs, making our Ground shipping cost practically non-existent, or that
coveted 2 Day Air shipping DIRT cheap! So come on down to
www.yourmacstore.com and get some additions for your Cube while the
getting's good!

Happy holidays to all of you from us here at YourMacStore...Cubeowner.com
has been a wonderful source of great people coming to our website for
several years now, and we do appreciate all that you do for us. Thanks, and
have a happy holiday season!


Read 26,979 times - last comment by Christos   

> Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.10 unleashed
Posted by JoMel - 06-21-07 05:04 - 30 comments

Mac OS X Tiger v10.4.10 unleashed...

Delta (for PPC)
Combo (for PPC)

... anyone using CPUD v2.3b6 have already tried it!?

NOTE FROM ADMIN: June 20, 2007 - Please click here for an important compatibility statement about CPU Director: http://powerlogix.com/products/cpudirector/10410.html
Read 60,455 times - last comment by teflon   

> YourMacStore celebrates their 8th anniversary!
Posted by CubeOwner - 06-14-07 20:08 - 0 comments
Greetings Cubeowners! YourMacStore.com is celebrating it's 8th anniversary
and we would like to give you the chance to benefit from our happiness!
From June 15-July 15, every order of $200 or more will receive an automatic
10% discount!

It is just as simple as that!

So come on down and get those Cube upgrades that you've been wanting!

Click here: http://www.cubeowner.com/cgi-bin/adcycle/a...d=41&id=288


Mike Leader
Sales & Customer Support
Vintage Computer Inc.

Remember to view our Blog at http://yourmacstore.blogspot.com !
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> CPU Director updated to 2.3b6, supports 10.4.9
Posted by CubeOwner - 05-4-07 18:15 - 18 comments
Download available at http://powerlogix.com/products/cpudirector/index.html

Don't neglect to read the Read Me!

Thanks Larry!
Read 43,372 times - last comment by granquist   

> Exclusive - Giga 1.4 Cube CPU upgrades at YourMacStore!
Posted by CubeOwner - 04-17-07 20:23 - 23 comments
Hey there Cubefans! Here's something you can get here at YourMacStore.com
right now! We've got quite the deal for all of you in this awesome piece of

GigaDesigns G4/1.4GHz/2MB 5B-1400C Processor

You can't even get this great item over on Gigadesign's web store...but www.yourmacstore.com has got it in stock for you right now! So come one over and let's upgrade your Cube some more!


Mike Leader
Sales & Customer Support
Vintage Computer Inc.
Remember to view our Blog at http://yourmacstore.blogspot.com
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> RetroMacCast to Discuss Cube On Next Podcast
Posted by blacter - 04-17-07 19:03 - 4 comments
If you haven't caught up to it yet, I wanted to alert followers of this forum that here's a interesting, well-done weekly podcast dealing with non-current Macs. Two collectors discuss a "retro Mac of the week," talk about Apple collectables, point out some interesting eBay finds, and spend a few minutes providing a historical perspective on current Mac news.

Anyway, they've been announcing in advance which Mac will be the retro Mac of the week, and the coming show will feature the Cube. The show is generally posted Sunday afternoon, so look for it on 4/22. You can listen or subscribe through iTunes or directly on their website: http://www.RetroMacCast.com
Read 23,798 times - last comment by Quinn   

> Contest to win a set of optical drive brackets
Posted by parism - 04-16-07 19:02 - 5 comments
OK guys, let's have some fun here... I have a spare set of optical drive brackets and I am willing to let it go for free (just pay shipping) provided you can identify an Apple branded unit. I will not give you any pointers, but some of you have pretty good eyes and will be able to figure out what it (may) is...

I will post a new picture everyday (I have 9 total) and the first person to email me the correct answer will get the brackets. I will try to make some stats afterwards as well. Some images are pretty generic, so it will be hard to figure it out but if you put everything together, you may figure it out...

The first picture is attached...

Email me at pmargari@gmail.com

Good luck!!!

Attached Image
Read 23,799 times - last comment by parism   


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